Sven Dehens (BE, 1990) is an artist and curator based in Brussels working on notions of publishing and cinema. He is currently involved with Kunsthal Gent, Art Cinema OFFoff and working on Rile, a project space for publication and performance practices with Chloe Chignell. Together with Chloe he organizes 'next to all those organs you love', a poetry reading series in Brussels. Over the summer of 2018 he co-organized 'No More Erasers', a summerschool on self-publishing and transcription with Roxane Maillet. He holds an MA in visual art (LUCA) and was a participant to the a.pass artistic research program, which he concluded in 2018.

2019 Cité des Arts residency; Disassemblies 9 (Kunsthal Gent); Smugglers Bureau (Kraak Festival); Rile (development, Level 5 Brussels); Cave Club: Twisted Tongues (Damien and the Love Guru); Broadcasting Radio Triton (Kunsthal Gent)
2018 it is a strange realism, but it is a strange reality (program, Projection Room); Reading (with) Abigail Child (program, Kunsthal Gent); Circles of Cinema (program, Kunsthal Gent); next to all those organs you love (reading and performance program); The Sky on Location/ LHB (program, Art Cinema OFFoff); Montez Press Radio (broadcast); No More Erasers (with Roxane Maillet); If a Question Could Lie (a.pass end presentations)
2017 Studio (development of studio space, Rue Manchester Molenbeek); Starbeast (workshop); proposal for an oral magazine (Performing Arts Forum); Artistic research at a.pass
2016 Contributor for the online studio platform Bmooc (Sint-Lucas, Ghent); Reading for Katherina Zimmerhackl at Beursschouwburg; Research and assistence for Marjolijn Dijkman for 'Prospects of Interception'; Programs OFFoff
2015 Reading for Hana Miletic (Batard Festival); Editing “Becoming Lili” (Helena Dietrich); “Most People Never Eat Poetry” (Sint-Lucas Ghent with Goethe Institut); “Becoming Red” (Greylight Projects, Brussels); “The Governor's Mansion – door de muren het huis zien” (At Governor Jan Briers, Ghent)
2014 Video-Lecture “The Exhibition Screen” (with Anna Scholiers); Live Stream event for “Now.YouAreHere” (with Anna Scholiers and; Co-organizer, curator “Now.YouAreHere” Ghent (a festival organized collectively with the artist run spaces in Ghent); “Collective Gardens” (Komplot, Brussels); “Het Grote Ongeduld Xtra” (Kultuurkaffee, Brussels); co-curator “Liberty inviting artists to take part” (Netwerk, Aalst);
2013 “Wild Horses and Trojan Dreams” - Marres Currents #1 (Marres, Maastricht); assistent curator "Prélude Pathetique" (with KUL); “Liberty inviting artists to take part” (W139, Amsterdam); “Het Debutantenfestival” (Eddy The Eagle Museum, Amsterdam); MA Visual Arts (LUCA, Wim Lambrecht)
2012 “Fordham Gallery” (London); “EiT” (Leuven); BA Experimental Studio (LUCA)

contact dehens(.)sven(at)gmail(.)com