Closing event of the exhibition ‘This future is unthinkable. Yet here we are, thinking it’ with ‘Twisted Tongues Reading Club’ shaped by Roxanne Maillet and a new performance ‘The Ghostwriter and the Lipservant’ by Matilda Tjäder.

⌤ Twisted Tongues Reading Club ⌤ 5 PM

An afternoon of non-binary and sub-aquatic poetry reading with :

Elena Betros Lòpez
Christiane Blattmann
Chloe Chignell
Laurie Charles
Sven Dehens
Juliette Desorgues
Loraine Furter
Tatiana Karl Pez
Marie-Laetitia Cianfarani
Maya de Mondragon
Clara Pacotte
Georgia René-Worms
Amber Vanluffelen


⌥ Matilda Tjäder ⌥ 8 PM

‘The Ghostwriter and the Lipservant’ is a new performance in the wishing for more-cycle; a performance series, a theme-park with interdimensional gateways, and the brainchild of an entrepreneur with a subjectivity like water; she flows, seduces, breaks—a crack in the wall—a void opens onto another zone in which a new map is drawn, “but remember, the map is not the territory”. Each episode draws from its site-specificity whilst rendering the invisible visible. With a bouquet of nettles, she welcomes you to her chamber.