occupied model of the blindspot

So, a modest witness walks out of a bar one night in the city of escorts wondering (does history Really spend all its time in make-up?)
a-you, the mother tongue of her whereabouts, all that.
wouldyourather she said. by an irony of. dunno zactly what to do, … instructions on how to use the letter I to determine whats Sayable. difference is His hairy blindspots have a Name. quotation marks dropping like a pair of pants…(pause) on both sides of the screen, that is. (pause) It then, thinking Escort, a protective screen. looking at the ontologically dirty. Producing a spot. not the one poetically adrift, floating away from the pov etc. a sheer Spot. (boring a hole in order for some what-to-love to enter) remaining foot. all that. something about a focal point produced by a frikkin’ Double Standard for eyeballs. Ok. I don’t remember you say. each time i brush your hair. the anyhow. somehow again. the subject of course is to be disappointed in the Form, otherwise why you mean every image has that way you can see the idea for what..
I mean, take the One, somehow already alike, modest for its own good. protected by the start of the story. being a witness in a city of. escorts. So what is this protective Screen? somehow always in front. etc. the very thing looking into a beam of light. the interface etc. whatever gets you through. Moving along etc. so the escort. a making-able by example. pause Sisters pause thinking escort, the couple - love as privacy all that pause the screen, the romantic refusal of all mediation etc the interval in front etc a lame old guard ahead of me. A One word. (Butt. Why?)
Why not?

(the acoustic bleed)
a one word attempt to formalize Tragedy. Five stages over here and nothing’s Surely.. like You Know, the thing.
sadder still. it again, protected by the start of the story. allthat. something about a (Research) fan fiction. a consentual No. Dogwhistle, Stuff.

Something here tries to talk about Love and Orality. An editorial to the self. I mean, when I grow up I wanna do Talkback radio.. said who?
Ok, still looking. a making-able by example. Pick One. something something Delivery.
Ok, dis starts to be toomuch about it Presenting itself. (jee) no wonder it queus. Ok, what would be the Bottom of all this?

coming ON. Allover the Burning Blue of allthat. Butt. Another. lying full out strechted. there’s more than you but you’re somehow leading. you bind and tilt. Softly but, youknow, tension’s never soft if you fucking Hear it.

a-you sliding.
let's try again to imagine the one (somehow protective) in front either or ahead

until it zooms