To put the bottle on the table. Shit, I'll kiss your patch. now, if Fight Club is a love story then professionalism is a Hate crime

but thank you for the Flush, the flush of the imperative. As to put the bottle on the table, a royal flush in disguise and a this-glass-is-a-pessimist type I mean, if one were to think of the flush, the failed flush, you know, the toilet's not a natural sinkhole, a failed flush means a wobbling "shit!", Now (x coiling water love as strong x) Now, what does that say about coiling and wobbling? A coil devided by a flush: become a wobbling? maybe I did the math wrong

and if a ghost would hold (sit) still would he be wobbling? coz ghosting is.. gee.., i forgot, ok, coz ghosting is like 'the mere aphoristic use of migraines to flesh out nArrative..

i mean, is this already a writing piece or still a brainStorm? and what'd you prefer it to be? as if making sense was somehow productive, it's like, sayspace or myspace, what game?and does reflection need to be bottled anyway?..
"(humility shaves cause it needs the look)
i mean, like, for now the biggest loveletter would end with a pitch dontyouthink?

so and, if one of these is a They, thEn what's the Matter?

So,The idea of repetition is on me - as the memory that lacks to ignite the soul a second time with the same thought. The kind of failure that causes the conceptual depression. Bottleneck. I hear coconuts falling when I read your reactions. I hear telephones ringing and think about repetition again. (Then of course it took this to make repetition the sayspace of.. x - the confidence of henry glasspants - x

you in my crawlspace now To get away from the necessary figure of an island in order to send a bottle.
You know,Being stranded is no romance for as long as being saved isn't the premise. The figure of the hermit didn't make an island, the hermeneut rather did. I mean please as if it were really - from the girdle up - a means to pull in grammar as if at some point it would just SPACE OUT (the code. to become a script. as if an It were really the clit of thInk. Like, maybe, a headache is all the proof you need..

The message in a bottle is no more than a trope for the distance in communication without a specific receiver. The romance is not our fault. or no more than a Romance of Would. As to fill the bottle with things other then a message. f a r fetched, no?ok, here's one for, what happens when you leap a thick in a bottle.A bottled pause? (now what does that say about parasitism? noise then, a punctuation for those who can't afford it, a small ghosting space, the mere haunting look of the inkblot and the "what might this be?" that comes with it. A conscious effort

in the end, is making a hidden agenda really destined to become just another a wallet condom? and if the bottle is put next to the message, and if ambivalence is just a sex thing, and if it were really to just SPACE OUT, how would you please the problem of the circling fish?
thanks mr. rorschach