blackmail(feels sooo much bettter with those vocal cords nice and moist. so, u take cash?) OR(the critic's mortgage). a nickname's counterfeit. Aaalmost a cast. Costume design's voice-over. A Trans,Europe,Express kinda bondage. A barman of the original blame. The maybe cuts short. A You as my secret self. A wobbling “shit!”. Something fishy. The panting of disguise.

A parallax fade. An opening sentence: "If a question could lie it'd be somewhere else" A spamming look. (the abstAct of) a Say? Please? You're like the thing I love.

A too-much-to-hang-in-there cat. A towel by the pool. A location scout lost in the woods. A narrative's cop (in a leaping leather tear-jacket). A diary's manfold. a Smulder tonguetwister. A fish-eyeopener double standard. or a set...

would you really, who's, then (all that intimate for tone? At what speed? (25img/sec?) The sheer 'what an appetizing chick' kinda cannibalism (on second thought (I'm fucked. A truly could. I mean really. A two-speed joke. Almost, almost, there. A GPS fart. (A footnote passing by as if on wheels) "that perverses maybes to originals in drag". A motive on a stick. A natural bureaucrat. The spot that drifts away. Some sort of joke (these social stills (refuses to pardon Any...))) I suppose, that, boy..

Pillowtalk. Simon said, A rhyme on the ad(d. A matter of unthinking. A salmon read in reverse, Gets u out of bed. A truth in trousers. Your fly's open, I hear it. ...(it speeks of a peremptory sponge-bath) a tease at ease, would explode.

..."(being wrong one universe at a time, as an act