In the world of the leftists, the sun is a lady who shines on us all. Burning on our sweaty heads, gulping down some low-fat spreads. All the shady people on earth love these sweet low-fat spreads. If one of these is a They, then what's in it for me? First off, stop treating them like a fling. They deserve more than that. That being said, this correspondence is becoming the Perfect Storm making me wet every time I think about it. This makes me feel sooo good cos I'm at that point between hard and flaccid, you know? And it's just soooo big. Come over and eat me out of house. You can trust me. Now, pinch my patch, will you? Meanwhile my hotline be blingin’ and I'm on the phone ‘till the break of dawn. How to find your lover? Look for emoji's, kisses and hearts. We be sexting all night long ‘till the tides stop flowing together. Such a vicious lickout! I say: The glass isn't half empty, man! Better flesh that narrative out now!

A good romance has interesting characters and an exciting plot with a happy ending: "Man must conquer woman's heart and use all his skills to seduce her. He resolves to seduce her into lots and lots of foreplay." Better get those juices flowing. Honey, don't you worry, them liquids that keep us from our sleep also keep us alive. You've got some good piece of action last week. Now you're left with a big hole in your heart. "I swear, I love you, I'm crying in the night baby, I'm crying in the night and I swear I'm gonna love you until the end of time.” It seems the biggest love letter will surely be left unanswered. Love Cry me some more Blues, will you? Ambivalence is surely a sex thing…

Next time, let a samosa be your fortune teller. I know you need it. Just buy a samosa in that night shop next to the bar. You've got 3 possible outcomes: some plain-ass Samosa OR Samosa + condom OR Samosa + pain killer. What do you want, you intellectual freak? Can you already see the bottle wobblin' his way? Add text bubble to bottleneck: "Don't look affectionately at me, I feel as empty as can be". Says the costumer to the bartender: "Is there soup on your fly or are you just happy to see me?" Come on now dance me with intimate pants. (they are dancing) Says the costumer to the bartender: "What rhymes with hug me? … Drug me.”

I tell you, this sh*t ain't coiling anywhere. Pissing in the shower is the only link to the sea for me. Coiling water rather be coilin’ up in the sofa. Lovestrong and Lovestruck, you sure make love look easy. But love is something nobody in the world's ever seen before. Bleach that baby! Put some more lime in your coconut. And drink it all up!

The internet is turning me into a passive aggressive c*nt. What can I say? I'm confronted with some beach fatigue, scuuuse me! But I guess you're spaced out enough not to mind and I'm sure enough not to care. Because before I was born, destiny told me I was going to be a big deal. So space that, honeychild!

Anyway, fuck this shit, I'm coming out. I'm the female rebel. Someone has to take a stand cos your pussies aren't cutting it. Hell yeah! And don't you dare to quote me, you little farts. I can't take on this diffused heat anymore, the world is already full of so many things. Disappointment, other people's romance,… the curtain never closes. We may live like we've got the globe on our feet but we're not having a ball. Will my X-ray vision fulfil your craving for multiplicity? Will my X-ray vision satisfy your desire for singularity? I can read your mind, no need opening that bottle's letter. It's written all over your face.