or a lacuna kinda silence
"The _____ played with the _____ in the _____."
(at least it sounds better than morse-code

when we startedyou said the bottle was.. some sort of regressed object, the subject of some busted speech, a That which is uncannily Fingered.. i mean it knowz all there is to know? the point is to make it jealous of its Ignorance. and as the witness is now its Memory,

so how long should this silence be, long enough to think of it a Bully, long enough to celebrate Grace? i mean me and those who were intent on boring a hole in ourselves.. (hacking, hewing) in order for Divine Love to enter.. i mean as far as illnesses go.. it brushes Up, speaks quite Well .. but I mean, come on, are you just gonna sit there or be the love i love?

so what about a facedance? ..and all this because abstraction Fucks. role-plays false discourse. of you for ..? twodownfouracross, two letters. It? a said effect? (dear you, i love you, will you be my....i mean, if language were less unconscious, would it be more, more, i knOw, would it be more ecOnOmic? (.. this the difference between Fucked and fucked Up. i mean it doesnt Necessarily take a cunt to make the distinction, but ..

so parazite dis, you piece of slime!nature's calling! the lubricant then the Metaphor (hanging out of your pants) just got sticky
(or a medusa-spews-algea-on-a-verdant-tongue kinda episode..

Imean, GIRRRLLL, you're letting me feel things I hadn't even heard of!!!!!!

or a call to the Hotline of Effect)(.... or whatchamacallit, a joke?
and when you really really put your nose to it? dunno..
imean like some event horizon animating the leftover. It lacks. and though nonexistence has no subject, it sure knows how to Fuck (.. blah blah Bitch and the fictive Ignorance ..
then something about the half-life or relief..

An echo is an imposter (on the stairs) (I, too, stood by the door. until the panting stopped)
(I, too, have dropped, fat crocodile tears. coming down, coming to think of it, in other words, why not?) why is bathing the image of melancholy?
this silence is called a strike

( while commodification of feminism will show itself, or did you Really hope capitalism isn't just scouting ON?
Then to those feeling the volume of relief..whatsitcalled, Backlash. imean positive bondage is a thing, but only when dogs are involved..
make love in front. in front of. is this then your kind of fireplace? x or am i misreading you?

extimacy an alien probe.
leaching or when it leaves.
(as parasites, we know otherwise

a poisoned comment takes Two
leaves at three

then there's half truths and one-and-a-half truths. as an effort on the part of language there's i-n-t-i-m-a-c-y as the superlative of i-n-t-e-r-i-o-r. (latin shows).

so please don't ASSUME,this is real

ps: I hope I didn't surprise you too much. there's been all these things Stacking and maybe I come of as somewhat disordered. I've been waning exactly in this interior-comes-superlative kinda exploitation, publicly rather than private. .. But i mean to open up, work the work, like love does. There's still soo much I want to ask you, speek of, share ..
so what do you think? shall we get back in touch?