This is fascinating, simply cos I say so. If you don't know what you want, you end up with a lot you don't. So let's get wavvy. Did you know Fight Club is basically a love story in disguise? Oh my midsummer passion! Loads of ideas flyin' round. Do u want it or not? I wanna wobbling bottle bottle. This is romance. A face like yours should be seen on a thousand shores! a face like yours would reach a thousands shores! a face like yours and a face like mine at my place would be divine! u're my idea of heaven and I love you like hell. Now kiss my patch. You show me ur sensitive side, then u turn into a complete asshole. And to think I believed you when you forecasted a sunny relationship! Don’t u remember u got angrier and angrier, as u drank more and more sangria? The cat that looks away misses the prey. More like a throbbing turtleneck, three penises inside. Gettin' wavvy on the innermaze of a patoduck.