​We need to talk. There are a few things on my mind. I don’t even know if I should send you this. Here’s another chance to make me feel awkward and wish I’d never written you. Anyhow, I’ve worked out a gameplan. Got a little scared because you didn’t respond to my last message. I want to be sincere, don't want to be meaningless. I’m talking relationship, specifically how to say I love you. I somehow slowly got to know you and want to keep you the same. I just can’t stay mad at you. I mean, we fight. We make each other cry. “My pirate took your pirates’s eye! Mine took your pirate’s ‘head’! Want to give my pirate head! Shit, go for it. Ok 8=======D”. I feel we’re stitched together on a deeper level. I don’t want you for your talent. If I had the courage, I’d text you: I love you with all my butt. I’d say my heart but my ass is bigger. lololololol. You’d text back: In that case, I love you with all my dick. I’d text in response: You love me that little?

I'm letting go of the outcome, whatever reaction I get from you. I can’t control you. It’s all for you to decide.

PS. Please don't forward this.