for something
the mother tongue...

as for that muted body
animal body

the face (a bag) / this bag then all too plastic the beach/ washed away ...
the face washed like a little too long the beach

speech starts waving
from afar
like a lo-ong wave hello goodbye
repeat after me still remains
repeat after me the following: contrasting the vehicle of true speech, this is dog speaking

since time,
since therefore
I do i think about
'who i am'/ as a dog/ as a pet/ crouching/ too naked to be called naked – YOU, caught naked, by the animal gaze, say that again, no, by it it doesn't remember, in time, over time, just now/
Since long, since therefore, one might call it, not to be single, i am, as ever-called-for, call me dog, only there, right now, in time over time.
Without moving, sex exposed, too naked to be called naked, stark naked before i, the dog, that looks at
all things considered, you/

too improper now, too calm for you to be aware, call to it call TOIT call me
tongtwister: what if not but only you? Then all of this and you again. Stark naked, aware
be aware of the

ryegrass now too long for me to walk through. Walked through all things cut short i'd say, i'd say that's what i, the dog, ever-stand-in, call me dog, called me for, what i was called for, inhuman, more human now, more than before, more than once left behind, ran away, sought for, (wanted: dog) came back, all that food left in the kitchen. now stop.
metric shutters as a somewhat undying bachelor on display Undying what now? Should have it //

like the body of the text / like that almost white of unmarked voice and speech unsought for now have me here / now this white starts wagging like YOUR fingers one by one
could it be this small? after a while after being below
after being below knee-level I SAID IT seems to have I SAID BUT this knee of yours seems to have a little face

the exhilarating end of the screen
as looked upon, from afar, below, this man. for now the shoulder got wet don't know when. it stated “the man with the wet shoulder” and it did.

Moment now exhilarating
ends of screen now ends of body like knee to shoulder like face and wet

I'll wash me. And my back and everything to be clean.
Take that shirt off some man.
He's on the shoreline getting small.
Is it?
Is what?
Like some cat or what?
Out you.
No you.
Like face and wet and you

Wa-alk this all this is
And if our feet or so
On four feet out me
Out on hot hot
to move
pussyfoot the sand


what would be the tone of voice four feet. PAW
tongue would be wagging.
Would be still remains
to be it / having or coming
(over and over again)
to having it
or having it flatness
would be still remains
i'll sleep an hour, then five or six or so
i'd say sea is next

dog would fall / into finitudes of water. Form still utterly unclear.
But the liquid mass of a web would constrain his tail from waving.
child says no. repeats no for multitudes to be born like continuous
evidences for the unclear remains of fish and shells. form still
utterly unclear. surpass it, you have now the body of dog. digging
of bones, chewing the loss of figure.
but head-on-heels, digging of bones. editor has made cut just there, where the head begins

cut now at base of neck - hold bone beneath lower lip (strange lip) moment now exhilarating / forever headlessness... and speechlessness
...solved by carrying the bone (fleshless bone).
head now seems to be moving with the bone as a crutch. cut: we see body of dog approaching - lured by bone. (laughter)
human head and dog head both seem to be fighting over bone (still fleshless).

speech starts waving
from afar
like a loong wave hello/goodbye

come on. on. Is that a tail in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Dog stares
up for a play now
a play up to the knee
a ball in mouth
bathroom isn't enough
what is needed isn't there like a little theft

What do you think? When would it run ALL the way down like a T-bone? What bone? Giggle.

Don't know. Nobody there, left again, left improper, not left but bored i suppose that's final.

dog hours dog days... - the dog you say?
god mind me my bladder so weak i could not say i'm sorry.

Walk this all this is

still the bladder so weak and you didn't open the door On time In time you did that before i warned you

Movement is that of following. BARK!

remember it mommy
remember it the dog
speech would be wagging
how's that
just that
like 'the one with the elephants and the one without purpose.'
all that
me that

let me
of me
of say so
It does and I.
But I.
I'll come with you you won't
yes but yes
is it?
Is yes
is really going.
destined to over-hearing and inarticulated barking, ignorant to the impossible you say? doooooog
repeat after me still remains
what is it you said
repeat after me the following. contrasting the vehicle of true speech: this is dog speaking

(gramatics not all that. Even that.)
bachelor now undying like a reason for two. Riiight in the middle.
yes, he cried before he could talk. yes, his cry endured the animal within. feck it. he should have more of an appearance like the wet end of body, the little face, the speech up to the ass.
(Speech starts waving)
dog would outsource his animal body. expand it.
and in the mean time - what time? this time i mean: bark! or a featurette. for now the dog started talking don't know when.

drama (sucked in)
( are retreating your steps...)
the approaching body is that of bachelor
Bachelor in bathroom now, playing with balls doesn't know where to go from. secondary compensation for the loss of potention? ball hits the coccyx HARD. pay for attention. the funny-bone.

Dig up bone – call it the satisfactory
hold bone below lower lip – strange lip

pushing the pet for it to be pushed
to push it to be a pet;
pushing the being-pet

movement is that of following
to having it
or having it flatness
this little knee of yours, a pants pull-up wheater so hot the beach.
Shoes too far appart for the legs to uptain. HEAD (never quite touches tail anyway) SAY this knee of yours, I SAID IT seems to have I SAID BUT this knee of yours seems to have a little face.
It does and I.

say dog

Ass and all
then all of this
and you again

all that me that
all that
say dog
// xx

text as performed at "Most People Never Eat Poetry" (Ghent) and "Becoming Red" (Greylight Projects, Brussels)