What remains moody, a soft focus, a no-comment section and a bunk bed kinda plot for an early night.
I mean, I too, stood by the door (until the panting stopped). I too, have dropped, fat crocodile tears. Coming down, coming to think of it, in other words, why not? Say why is bathing the image of melancholy? Then Density and something about jobs. A failed flush, coiling for a motive. What’s Left? A frikkin wobbling shit. (echoing through the studio). I mean is this what a shrink likes to call Work? Or just, an odd evening?

Then, after the frog perspective...

whatever(this is)

The reason something is an example. I mean, girl, you make me feel things I hadn’t even heard of. The too-grey-to-deliver speaks up. Or whatever makes you think Along the lines. Some settlement or how to remain foot. You know. Whenever fuck in fuck you is really a verb. The intersecting This of love and the what-not. No doubt. It traces a massive headache as Proof. No doubt, it queus.