An evening of readings and performances by Göksu Kunak a.k.a. Gucci Chunk, Chloe Chignell and Lili Rampre, Deborah Birch and Sven Dehens.

Göksu Kunak a.k.a. Gucci Chunk reads from 'I thought this would', a letter-essay-story that contemplates on the possibilities of queer families and tries to rethink the notion of a break-up. There is precision as well as whimpers, there is joy as well as slimy crumbled napkins.

In January 2018, a part of the book was published as a chapbook by Belladonna* Collaborative (I thought this would #225) that have worked with influential names such as Fred Moten, Eileen Myles, Jack Halberstam, Maggie Nelson, Julie Carr and many more. To purchase the chaplet, please visit their website.

Göksu Kunak (Ankara, 1985) a.k.a Gucci Chunk is a writer based in Berlin. Ze performed zir texts and lectures at Batard Brussels 2016 (invited by Tom Engels), Stadtsprachen Festival 2016, Poesie Festival 2017, Fuchsbau Festival 2017, Broken Dimanche Press reading series at Tropez Berlin curated by John Holten, Pioneer Works NYC curated by Belladonna* Collaborative at Centre d'Art Contemporain Geneve as one of the CAMPers invited by Andrea Bellini and Julian Weber. The short book #225 I thought this would is published by Belladonna* Collaborative. Zir texts have appeared on the official page of The Absence of Paths, the Official Tunisian Pavillion of the 57th Venice Biennial and on the blog The History of Painting Revisited in collaboration with Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle for the Fahrelnissa Zeid Retrospective. Invited by Meg Stuart and Maria F. Scaroni, as a part of City Lights -- a continuous gathering, ze had the pleasure to perform with amazing female artists of Berlin at the old and renowned theater Hebbel am Ufer.

As an art-dance critic, Göksu has been contributing to several magazines and blogs such as frieze d/e, Ibraaz, m-est, TanzRaumBerlin, Berlin Art Link, sleek, e-skop, crap=good, The Carton, Paper Journal, Freunde von Freunden. Göksu has conducted interviews with various artists, curators, directors such as Hito Steyerl, Meg Stuart, Ahmet Öğüt, Monira Al Qadiri, Hanne Lippard, Annemie Vanackere. Ze is one of the editorial correspondents of Ibraaz, worked in the editorial team of quarterly interview magazine mono.kultur (2012-2016) and as a writer and project developer with Apartment Project Berlin (2012-2014). Göksu is one of the co-founders of the blog Viereinhalbsaetze that consists of 4,5-sentence-dance-criticism. Ze is working on zir Ph.D. on queer chronopolitics in relation to performance and contemporary dance with Prof. Dr. Bojana Kunst. Göksu’s texts can also be read on


Chloe and Lili read a selection of poems from their most recent publication. This publication collects texts that have been produced through a process called Transtexting: a choreographic tool and collective writing score. Transtexting explores the body’s implication in poetic production positioning the body and its movement as a listening aid, acting as a filter; a net capturing words, syntax and sounds. We move together as a mode of listening, a way to be with the text. Transtexting is a way to entangle ourselves in the voices of others. The listening is the encounter with an other voice and the writing a process of producing a collective voice. With an orientation toward feminist and queer authors we move through poetry, theory and fiction listening and writing with the body as mediator. In staying with the complexities and opacities of an authorship that speaks as a we we unfold this listening experience into writing.

Lili M. Rampre (Slovenia, 1981), received her BS in Physics. She pursued her dance education and moved to Germany, where she obtained her MA diploma at HfMDK, Frankfurt. In the past her artistic engagements as a choreographer as well as a performer have been supported by various venues and institutions: Mousonturm, Modul dance, Hessische Theaterakademie, Pact Zollverein, tanzrecherche NRW, Akademie der Künste der Welt Köln, Tanzhaus NRW, where she is still active. After finishing a.pass, artistic research program in Brussels, Lili has continued with her choreographic practice in Research Cycle at P.A.R.T.S., where she recently developed a trio Structure of a feeling as a finishing piece of the program.

Chloe Chignell (australia) is a dancer and choreographer based in Brussels. In 2018 she finished the P.A.R.T.S research cycle led by Bojana Cvejić where she developed her new work …as if leaking. Chloe has a Bachelor in Dance from Victorian College of the Arts Melbourne (2013) and undertook a writing and residency program at DOCH, Stockholm (2016). She was a DanceWEB recipient for Impulz Tanz in 2014. As a choreographer Chloe has been commissioned by the Keir Choreographic Award for the creation of Deep Shine (Melbourne) touring to Japan for The Awaji Art Festival. She presented a short work forever in both directions for the Venice Biennale’s Biennale of Dance College Program (2017). As a dancer Chloe has worked for Adriano Wilfert Jensen, Anna Gaiotti, Gry Tingskog, Atlanta Eke, Ellen Söderhult, Marten Spångberg, and James Bachelor performing in Australia and across Europe. Chloe is also co-editor of This Container magazine currently in its 6th edition, it began in Stockholm (2016) with Maia Means. Her writing has been published by Indigo Dance Magazine (PAF) and Realtime (Australia). She has developed choreographic writing and reading formats hosted by Kottinspekionen (Stockholm) and PAF (France). She is co-initiator of PO$$E a dance and reading group based in Stockholm.


Deborah Birch is a poet and writer, primarily interested in fictional worlds and the anagogical interpretation of the ordinary, and is collaborating with/in Fos, DXK, & Roya Zahra Shadmand. She is also a researcher, currently into caves, monads, gut-feminism, and the baroque.


Sven Dehens reading from 'DISTINCTIONS' (2018), a booklet written during his research residency at a.pass and designed by Roxane Maillet.

October 15th, 2018 (Rue Manchester 21)
Hosted and organized by Sven Dehens.

Göksu Kunak reading at next to all those organs you love Göksu Kunak reading from 'I thought this would'.

Chloe Chignell Chloe Chignell preparing her reading.