Erasure is the practice that makes certain people and/or groups invisible, eliminating or deleting their existence: their history, life stories, suffering, and achievements. The Romans called it damnatio memoriae—“condemnation of memory,’’ punishing individuals by destroying every trace of them. Examples of erasure are women, minorities, those who lost wars, the queer, the poor, and lesbians—all casualties of condemnation. * Erasing lesbians, Sarah F. Pearlman (2016)

No More Erasers is a 3 days summerschool bringing together different ways of presenting, launching, sharing crossings of publication and performance, choreography and more activated, feminist, strategies of thinking design, editing and textual production.

+ Roxanne Maillet ( and Auriane Preud’homme will host a workshop focussing on the documentation of performances / happenings / talks / lectures, with a strong desire to keep a sense of spontaneity and subjectivity in the translations. They are looking for all the discrepancies between a script, the performed action, to its documentation, with all the contexts and surroundings put at stake during this translation. Orality + womxn will be their main material to try out new forms of publishing.

+ A Slowww two-day launch of the new edition of This Container zine edited by Chloe Chignell and Maia Means on choreography, writing and feminism.

+ Lea Beaubois will present her works focus on the performing lunch « les ortolans de la colère » & her thesis "Harnachement".

+ Marlie Mul will present ground, a zine that sets out to look beyond institutions in their current form as dominant frameworks for artistic production, and embraces grassroots political and aesthetic perspectives. ground is edited by Harry Burke and Marlie Mul, its first issue was released in April of this year. Featuring texts by Linda Stupart, Shellyne Rodriguez, Khairani Barokka, images by The Gate, Jean-Michel Wicker, Beatrice Glow ...and lots more.

The days would be split in two with the workshops taking place in the afternoon and presentations by the different artists/designers in the mornings.

A library + a hand scanner in free acces

Dates: 3,4,5 August 2018
Location: Rue Manchester 21
Hosted by Sven Dehens & Roxanne Maillet

Plotter experiments based on transciptions of the workshop

Ingredient list by Jennifer Boyd