... as to inform the conceptual depression that follows the imperative to avoid form and repetition, (a way of giving too much of what isn't presently requested) here the spacehunt opera will be continued as a means to form the 'cital wave' into a sort of script in a wobbling bottle. Sloshing messages like... you know... (1) s.o.s. I'm here alone on the beach and my coconuts have quitted falling. Please send a helicopter. I believe in the jellification of the reef. But apparently not after my boat had smashed into it. LOL s.o.s. OR: (2) I have been here for four hours and I'm hot as fuck. Sweat is not a joke anymore. It has distracted me from piercing fish out of the water and now look at me: I've become some kind of a living trope! I'm sending this one in a plastic bottle. OR: (3) Bonanza Bonanza just found a bottled message. Turned out to be booze. Spilled most of it. OR: (4) Last night, hot needles came down from the sky. I thought about living inside a black box... Just that, no jesus whatsoever. Light, the flicker, a strobe. (YES YES YES) Pocketsize stones, burning hot tails, the dark. Then I got this message saying 'The safety word is Strawberry'. How was I supposed to know when to use it? Ok, I said to myself, Strawberry.

blackmail(feels sooo much bettter with those vocal cords nice and moist. so, u take cash?) OR(the critic's mortgage). a nickname's counterfeit. Aaalmost a cast. Costume design's voice-over. A Trans,Europe,Express kinda bondage. A barman of the original blame. The maybe cuts short. A You as my secret self. A wobbling “shit!”. Something fishy. The panting of disguise. A parallax fade. An opening sentence: "If a question could lie it'd be somewhere else" A spamming look. (the abstAct of) a Say? Please? You're like the thing I love. A too-much-to-hang-in-there cat. A towel by the pool. A location scout lost in the woods. A narrative's cop (in a leaping leather tear-jacket). A diary's manfold. a Smulder tonguetwister. A fish-eyeopener double standard. or a set... would you really, who's, then (all that intimate for tone? At what speed? (25img/sec?) The sheer 'what an appetizing chick' kinda cannibalism (on second thought (I'm fucked. A truly could. I mean really. A two-speed joke. Almost, almost, there. A GPS fart. (A footnote passing by as if on wheels) "that perverses maybes to originals in drag". A motive on a stick. A natural bureaucrat. The spot that drifts away. Some sort of joke (these social stills (refuses to pardon Any...))) I suppose, that, boy.. Pillowtalk. Simon said, A rhyme on the ad(d. A matter of unthinking. A salmon read in reverse (gets u out of bed. A truth in trousers. Your fly's open, I hear it. ...(it speeks of a peremptory sponge-bath) a tease at ease, would explode. ..."(being wrong one universe at a time, as an act